Exploring Our Kinship with Animals

Our Faithful Companions celebrates our kinship with animals of all species and illustrates how this bond makes our lives complete. Examining the mysteries of why we connect with companion animals, Aubrey Fine integrates scientific explanations with personal anecdotes and testimonials to shed light on this unique love affair.

Fine, a gifted storyteller, brings to life the true connections with our fellow animals. Our Faithful Companions is a definite read for all animal lovers.
— Marty Becker, DVM “America’s Veterinarian”, Author and Veterinary contributor on ABC's Good Morning America.
Aubrey Fine guides us through the science of what our hearts have always known: animals are good for us.
— Stephen Zawistowski, Ph.D., CAAB ASPCA Science Advisor
Essential reading for everyone who is interested in improving the lives of both animals and people
— Temple Grandin, Animals in Translation Animals Make Us Human Author:
OUR FAITHFUL COMPANIONS is the class that I would have wanted to take from Dr. Aubrey Fine. His stories show how we learn about people and about ourselves from our dogs how they teach us about caring,compassion, patience, and empathy. The great spiritual and emotional connection that we have with our dogs jumps from his heart and off of these pages. Every day, my own dogs make me smile. In this wonderful book, Dr. Fine – and his own dogs - did just that onevery page.
— David Frei Voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Author, Angel On A Leash
In Our Faithful Companions, world-renowned psychologist and author Aubrey Fine, clearly and carefully explains why the social bonds we form with these wonderful beings are vital to our own health and to theirs. Dr. Fine relies on the latest science and also shares deeply personal stories that make for a powerful, compelling, and easy to read book.
— The Emotional Lives of Animals Marc Bekoff, Animals Matter The Animal Manifesto Author: Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed
If you’d like to both celebrate the relationship between people and animals, and learn more about it, you could do no better than reading this beautiful new book from Aubrey Fine.
— Patricia B McConnell, author, The Other End of the Leash

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Foreword by Dr. Stanley Coren  Photographs by David Sax

Foreword by Dr. Stanley Coren

Photographs by David Sax