This practical easy-to-use guidebook is perfect for families who need help to transform their dance with their children into one that is smooth and harmonious!”
— Sue Schecter Keir, M.S. Education
“The Parent-Child Dance” is a vital addition to every parent’s toolbox. Through “dance” steps that even those of us with two left feet can follow, Drs. Kotkin and Fine provide a practical, compassionate, and humorous array of techniques designed to connect the parent and child through self-reflection and mutual respect. The result is a stronger parent-child bond that allows the entire family to thrive in an atmosphere of consistency and calm. I wish this book had been available when my husband and I were raising our three sons.
— -Christine Loidolt, PTA President
PARENT CHILD DANCE overflows with a realistic optimism about making positive changes in a child’s life as a way of bringing the family closer together. Brimming with proven strategies, with insights into how children relate to their parents, and why, this provocative book written by two experienced therapists offers every parent much-needed encouragement and support as they learn to choreograph their own family life.
— Dr. Dale Salwak, Citrus College, Author of TEACHING LIFE: LETTERS FROM A LIFE IN LITERATURE – to which he is currently writing a sequel.
It’s not often that a book with practical suggestions about how to improve parenting skills gets me laughing out loud. But that’s what I did as I read the Parent Child Dance. For each typical toe stepping mistake parents commonly make, the authors take us into the typical unspoken thoughts going on in the child’s mind. The section on how parents model what children learn brought me back to a highway, my son behind the wheel, the car going too fast for my comfort level and my son reminding me that it was my driving that gave his body a certain feel for how the rubber meets the road. This book will help you dance better to enjoy the dance.
— Mary Fowler Educational Consultant Author, advocate, educator and coach, Positive Difference PD for Educators
As a pediatrician, I see many parents who struggle to find an effective approach to their children’s behavioral challenges. Kotkin and Fine have written a book that provides an articulate road map; one filled with the strategies and ideas that will help them effectively lead their children in the dance of life. I strongly recommend this book to all parents who are looking for a creative and effective approach to parenting.
— Marc Lerner, MD Past president of the Orange County, California Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Chair, Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics, CHOC Children's Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
School of Medicine, University of California, Irvine Medical Officer for the Orange County, California Department of Education where he serves as the County school physician.
1. The Parent-Child Dance: Strategies and Techniques for Staying One Step Ahead is an outstanding guide for parents wanting to improve their child’s behavior. Clearly the product of seasoned clinicians, this remarkable book provides unique insights into why parenting can go awry and what parents can do to change it. This book is chock-full of state-of-the-art, research-supported, practical strategies for improving child behavior. Detailed parent and child perspectives about the strategies, culled from years of experience using them with families, powerfully illustrate for parents how and why they work. There are many books about parenting, but the Parent-Child Dance stands out by empowering parents to use these proven approaches. This is an invaluable resource for parents and their children.
— Linda Pfiffner, PhD Professor of Psychiatry University of California, San Francisco
The “Parent Child Dance,” is a wonderful metaphor for the complex, often mysterious, deeply rewarding, and always surprising relationship between parent and child. In this masterful and important book, authors Aubrey Fine and Ron Kotkin provide richly descriptive insights into the varied dimensions of the parent-child “dance.” From motivation techniques to managing sibling rivalries, transitioning from childhood to adolescence, and creating positive family environments, the Parent Child Dance moves the reader metaphorically through the jitterbugging improvisation of early childhood to the frenetic rock n’ rolling teenage years. In a book designed for anyone who is, has been, or aspires to be a parent, Fine and Kotkin help us understand how to more effectively synchronize the “dance steps” of responsible parenting with those of our ever evolving and constantly changing children. A must read—I guarantee you’ll sleep better at night!
— Dr. Stephen H. Davis Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Former faculty member at the Stanford University School of Education and the University of the Pacific College of Education; Past Superintendent, Shoreline Unified School District